Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm a Picmonkey

I have been playing with a new photo editing software called
coz I'm not too crash hot at taking photos
I NEED to fancy my photos up with a wee bit of
photo shopping!
It's a bit of fun and a bloody good time waster.

In other news
the clothesline has finally been erected
the pavers have been laid!

The new clothesline area is going to make my life far less complicated
(I just know it)

I have also been chipping away at a pretty frock!

If you haven't ever noticed (I secretly hope you haven't) my dresses are generally
made up in my head!
I then use an assortment of vintage patterns

to create a dress that I feel looks good.
I usually shave a bit off here and add a bit there, lower bust darts here
 (we are saggier breasted in the 21st century compared to the perky numbers we sported 40 years ago)
and take an inch or 3 off the necklines
(I think our necks are larger these days too)
Lets just say -  its all part of my wonderfully erratic crafty process.

Hope you're enjoying life.
Dee x


  1. Oooh clothesline erectus looks marvellously streamlined and delightful!

    You are so incredibly talented, Dee, I cannot wait to get my fat neck and saggy boobs into one of your amazing treasures!

    Sarah xxx

  2. And you are damn funny Miss Sarah Misfit! Maybe I should have been more tactful and said "voluptuous" but then again - Nah!

  3. Aargh, you must be one amazing sew-ist to do that shit, I couldn't even start with all that!!!

  4. Thanks to you, I'm a PicMonkey now too!
    Hurrah for clothesline erectus and pavers laidus - were they courtesy of your dad's handiwork?
    Your frocks are just so pretty. I wish I was skilled enough to make up patterns as I go along. I need to put some darts in a frock to take it in but have no idea how to do it. Easy words-of-one-syllable tips please, Oh Seamstress of Wonder....
    PS. I am definitely of the saggy boobs/fat neck variety! Ha! xxxx

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog - what an amazing selection of vintage patterns you have *squee*

    I left the Naki in about 1998 - but I try to get back and visit when I can:D

    As for the weightloss - I spend a LOT of hours at the gym....but its fun...sometimes:P

  6. Thank you for the Pic Monkey info, and the sight of your gorgeous dress.
    Have a lovely weekend.


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