Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hello Lovelies ...

Well another Easter is done and dusted and we didn't even indulge too much in chocolate this year.
The kids got their standard "egg" from the big white bunny and a few wee eggs were passed around at various times during the day but nothing too damaging!

It is only two more sleeps till Nana and Poppa (mum and dad to me) head off on their wee adventure around the coastline (thanks to a rental car) making their way back to Sydney before they embark on the final leg of their annual pilgrimage across the "dutch" (that's kiwi for ditch)

Boy oh boy, we will miss them and
I will be a sad sack for days :-(

My little Sis and niece both have birthdays coming up and I have been secretly working on something special for the two of them
(nan and pop will hand deliver these when they get home)

me thinks they will like

I will reveal more very soon!

Poppa and I have been doing handyman jobs around the yard and we have finally shifted my saggy old wonky clothesline and tidied up the surrounds!
(photos to come)
I am RAPT to have a PROPER clothesline area just outside my laundry door!  It will make hanging out my op shopped vintage sheets a real pleasure.
(not that its ever been a chore)

and just for fun ....

I have discovered PicMonkey
and I am so freaking happy because I have been using Picnik to edit my blog photos and seen as it is closing down on me on the 19th April I was desperate to find another easy peasy lemon squeezy photo editing software!

A rare shot of me
Yay for my favourite floral frock, a cup of tea, butterflies and flowers in my hair!
(confession - some things have been photoshopped!)

I hope Easter has been fabulous for you too
Dee x


  1. Oh oh oh you star! I have been bemoaning the demise of Picnik, so thank you so much for suggesting an alternative!
    And I love your frock - you always choose the loveliest prints.
    I bet you have had a lovely time with your mum and dad. You said your dad would do some handyman jobs while he was with you and hey presto! - you have a washing line! xxxx

  2. You look so gorgeous Dee ... happy easter!!

  3. You look lovely and those surprises for your sister and neice look beautiful. x

  4. I hope when your Mum and Dad hop over the dutch they have a feed of fush and chups. Everyone knows us kiwis make the best ones. That fabric is so pretty. I love the pink around the pockets. I was dreading Picnik's demise so thanks for the link to PicMonkey. I love your dress too.

  5. Love the dress, good to know that any boob sagginess is just a result of modern living - my neck is swanlike though, honest!

    Faith Hope and Charity Swap 2012 Sign up now OPEN!

  6. that floral frock is delightful!

  7. I adore this frock..stylish and comfy too, the perfect combination.


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