Thursday, April 26, 2012

This + This + This = That!

This transportation

+ this accommodation

+ this beautiful gourmet Island

 + these kinds of markets

+ lots of retail therapy

 + scenic exploration

and meeting the locals

 and then coming home on this



In my former life (before children) I was a full time traveller.
(for want of a better title)
I am my HAPPIEST when I am planning, booking, preparing and going on an adventure.
I usually fly back to NZ every year to catch up with the whanau (family) and when I come home I go through a mild depression until I start planning my next trip.
Sometimes it may only be a quick trip to Melbourne, sometimes it's off to the coast for 2 or 3 days, other times it's a weekend on the Murray River or in the Mountains.
But my favourite adventures by far involve an aeroplane journey
and that's not necessarily because I enjoy travelling by air,
in fact the palaver before and after take-off is rather tedious
(especially with 3 children in tow)
it's more about the fact that we are going somewhere OVERSEAS!
Exotic locations are by far my pick,
(think Asia on a shoe-string)
but these days I am happy to go
And the "Apple Isle" has been on my bucket list
for like - EVER!
AND I think it will be rather
Bon Voyage my friends!
I will see you soon
Mwah x


  1. Ooh exciting!!! You are coming to visit us, have an awesome time. Will you be on the NW coast for long or only at Devonport when you leave? :)

  2. I love to travel too - damn living so far from the rest of the world!! I am quite jealous you're going to Tasmania - its on my list of places to visit very soon! Take loads of photos!

  3. Hope you have a fabulous trip. xxx

    O,I want to go to Tassie so bad!!!
    Have a BLAST!XXX


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