Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Feast your eyes ...

Hello there precious pups ...
A while back I found this little number (literally)
 in my favourite local op shop.

I spotted that nylon a mile away and the colours were screaming at me!
(are you having trouble focusing on that fabric too?)
For a mere $1.50 AUD I just had to add these togs to my wardrobe.
(togs = bathers, swimmers, one piece, cozzie)
I left the op shop feeling rather smug.

Oh but if only my birthing hips were a tad smaller!

I had difficulty photographing the label
(because of the way its been sewn in)
but it read

A great incentive to lose a kilo or two before our next "poolside" season!

Hope you're all having a fab week.

Dee x


  1. lucky you! It's a beauty, finding a vintage swimsuit is on my wish list!! xxx

  2. Oh so fabulous! Love the print & colour combination! It's the same brand as the ones I found a few weeks back. The question is are we confident enough to actually wear them in public????? Xx

  3. Oh my GOURD - it's gorgeous! I see these in vintage shops for $100+ all the time so you got an absolute bargain! Sarah xxx

  4. That's a beauty! And a bargain, they are always so expensive in vintage shops and on Ebay. You MUST wear it! xxxx

  5. Oh Yay they are the best find ever!!!! I bet your little tippy toes hardly touched the ground running to that treasure.
    You must wear it.
    Love v

  6. Hey Miss dee, I'm calming down a bit now I've read it about 10 times because I think I realise that you wern't insulting us curvy girls but commenting on being hour-glass to fit in the gorgeous cossie!!?? Am I right?? Otherwise I'm confused!

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