Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two more sleeps ....

Hi honeys!
The excitement is building here at camp "one denim bird" .....
In two more sleeps I am heading to All Saints Winery near Rutherglen to see

starring ...
Jon Steven's aka Noiseworks!
Being the kiwi girl that I am, I have always been a wee bit partial to a good lookin Maori Boy
(or two) with a great voice!  This is gunna take me right back to the late 80's in a flash!  I saw this mullet sporting fella at the Central Coast Leagues Club in 89 and again at the Bateau Bay Hotel in 90.
Crikey - was it that long ago?
I wonder if he will revisit this number from his NZ era???

  I'm glad he has a bit more "meat" on his bones these days!
Another one I'll be drooling over has to be the meanest guitarist in Australian history!

the very talented
Ian Moss
(did I mention I'm a wee bit partial to a guitarist or two as well - nudge nudge wink wink)
I'll also be
"doing the Eagle Rock" with Ross Wilson 
and riding on "The Horses" with Daryl Braithwaite!
I'm not sure what I'll be "doing" with the "Choirboys" -
I can't say I really ever got "into" them.

But no doubt I will be wiggling me hips and singing like a bird.
The only thing I'm spewing about is "Dragon" wont be there for this
"Day on the Green"
Anyway it's gunna be a bit of a hoot!

(me thinks I'm turning into an old groupie!!!)


  1. So jealous! I am rather partial to Jon baby, that man just gets better and better with age, its criminal really! have fun x

  2. These are very good - thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh moi goodness Miss Dee...Goosepimpling with delight! Jon Stephens is still one very sexy man! How old do you think he is now? Older than us! He is like a fine red wine, aging to puuurfection....sorry *slap*...back again! ;-) While I was waiting for your comment page to load i kept singing bits from 'Jesus Christ Superstar'...remember Jon from that (check youtube for reminders).
    Ian Moss too...lucky, lucky girrrl!
    When I was 18 I went out with a guy who looked like Daryl Braithwaite...dud otherwise though!
    Have fun, take heaps of picks to share...please!
    Now I've got Choirboys in the head..."...I'm alone with you tonnnnight..."
    Nina :-D


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