Friday, March 16, 2012

Frock on Friday ...

The life and times of a vintage floral sheet ...

phase 1

A vintage floral bed sheet.
phase 2

A painters drop sheet.

phase 3

A fabulous frock!
A frock for all occasions?
For breakfast, lunch or dinner?
A house frock, a picnic frock, a pick up the kids frock, a make the hubby gasp frock,
a seduce a rock god frock,  who knows?
A sensible, down to earth, recycled, handmade with love frock!
(Oh and that's me in my first ever "Frock on Friday" pose -
please bear with me while I get more courageous!!!)

What do ya think?

I had so much fun creating this little number!  I bought this sheet while on our get-away to the coast a few weeks back purely for its colours.
(I love a good 70s era purple)
The sheet was in very poor condition.  It has turquoise and apricot paint splatters everywhere, wax blobs and mould stains here and there!  I had to strategically place the pattern pieces but still couldn't quite manage a "clean" pattern piece!  Well, whatever!  Thanks to the gorgeous pattern on the fabric the stains are easily disguised.

I wanted to create some groovy pockets on the side and the purple bias
was just the look I was after !

A V neckline, and the little tie was a cute after thought.  I may need to create larger cap sleeves
to hide my *ahem* bat wings though *argh* 
All in all I am pretty darn happy with the outcome! 
This one is for keeps but I will be making a few more in the not too distant future!

Stay tuned loved ones .....

Dee xox


  1. Jeez - you're a genius! I love it. The colours are beautiful and the purple trim is fab. AND the pose looks like you've been outfit blogging forever. Jealous!

    ***To those I follow and who follow me - is my blog appearing on your dashboard? Blogger appears to be losing some blogs I follow!**

  2. It is a beautiful frock, one of the prettiest vintage sheet one's I've seen. I especially love those pockets and the purple trim. Gorgeous.

  3. What a beautiful frock, and the print is fantastic, so vibrant.

  4. YOu're so clever! Wish I could channel it! The frock is triff.

  5. Love the colour, the pockets are out there. fabulous frock.

  6. You did an amazing job it fabulous, dee x

  7. Yay for a Dee frock Friday!!!! :-D I LOVE the frock. The fabric is beautiful & the style is fabulous. I love the pockets. It looks so flattering. I hope to see another Friday frock soon. Xx

  8. Oh Dee it's so so so so pretty!!! I just love the style and all the gorgeous finishing.
    You look just fabulous and so so pretty too!!!!!
    Hope you have a great time at "Day on the green" Yay
    Love v

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the brown with the purple and the trim is just lovely. You must be so thrilled!

  10. Frock me! It's fabulous and so are you. Don't stay hidden, you're gorgeous. x

  11. Such a beautiful and colorful print! =)

  12. It's lovely to see you! And in such a beautiful frock - it's a triumph! xxxxx

  13. OMG BEST. FROCK. EVER!!!!!

    I absolutely love it - you are a genius!

    And there's YOU! HELLO! You're so beautiful - more pics please!!!

    Sarah xx


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