Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday frocks ....

Today I posted 3 dresses to Melbourne!

Now it's time to clean up my sewing mess and move everything back out to the sewing room!
With this wet weather we have been experiencing of late I got sick of running in and out of my sewing studio in the rain so I practically moved it all into our dining area!!

It kind of took over our dining table and surrounds and now it NEEDS to go back!

17 more sleeps until Nan and Pop arrive and 17 more sleeps till my baby turns 4 years old.

I have a lot to organise between now and then!  Or should I say I have a lot I WANT to organise between now and then.

Usually I write a list of "handyman" jobs I can get my Dad to do while he is here but this time I want to make the most of every minute they are here and besides my Ma and Da need a well earned rest!  So I will "crack on" and try to do them myself.  I can be rather handy with nails and a hammer when need be!

Have a great weekend peeps!  We have a long weekend here in Victoria, so I wont need to stress about school lunches come Monday morning!  Yay!

Ciao Bella's,
Dee x


  1. Those dresses are just beautiful!
    Don't work too hard, I bet your Dad will be expecting a few tasks anyway! x

  2. Amazing frocks!! I'm with Vix I bet your Dad will do some anyway. xx

  3. Those dresses are beautiful such gorgeous fabrics. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  4. The dresses are so sweet.
    Enjoy your dad.

  5. Oh I am sighing over those delicious prints and gorgeous frocks... I want, I want!
    I bet your dad will be a willing handyman for a few jobs.
    Ha, my "baby" turned 6, can't believe it. I look at my eldest (10) and cannot fathom that this great big galumphing creature was ever inside ME! Haha! xxxxxx

  6. Delightful dresses! I do dream of owning one one day! Hope you enjoy your long weekend. Xx

  7. Such pretty dresses! I noticed you're reading the Keith Richards book - is it any good? x


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