Friday, March 2, 2012

The countdown has begun ....

Today is a very special day for my mum and dad!

They got married 44 years ago!

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad!

Ain't they fine looking specimens!

Weren't they just the cutest looking couple!

And then I came along!

Whoa .... what a beach babe!

(all photos from the family archives)

Everyone here is getting super excited as it's only 24 more sleeps till they come visit!  Yay

Hope you all have a fab weekend planned ....
I am volunteering at the

should be a hoot!

Ciao Bella's,

Dee x0x


  1. Beautiful photos! I love your mums hair!! What a cute beach baby sticking your tummy out. xx

  2. Oh HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Mr and Mrs Bird! I love the gorgeous pics - and you in your little bikini! Sarah xxx

  3. Aren't they just a fab looking couple. Your Mum is stunning! I passed an award on to you. No need to follow through on it, but I just wanted to let you know. Xx

  4. What wonderful photos and yes a total beach babe!!

  5. aahhh what beautiful photo's Happy anniversary to you parents. They are both so gorgeous and so young and fresh faced bless them. And how cute you were to ;-)) Happy days. dee x

  6. Oh how lovely! Congrats to your parents x

  7. Happy Anniversary to such a fab couple! x


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