Monday, August 1, 2011

Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Swap

Hi everyone, I would have plugged this a lot earlier only its taken me this long to figure out how to link a page element to my blog (doh)!!! And I'm still not sure if I've mastered it ???  But here goes.........

For the first time EVER I am a part of the "Great Australian"  (I'll call it that!) Vintage Sheet FQ Swap" 


Oh boy am I just a tad excited or what!!!  I have been methodically washing, airing, measuring, cutting, ironing and piling up a stack of vintage goodness to send off to the gorgeous Kel over at Green Tea and Red Nails.

The amazing Kel will be collecting, collating and distributing all the wonderful FQ's that you send in.

If you are interested click on the link and drop on over and see what Kel is offering!!!  You too could be a part of this amazing SWAP!!!  Better get in quick tho.......time is running out!!!


  1. Hello there Dee....!

    THANKS so much for popping over Love.... :o) !!

    Oh I am SO TEMPTED to join in the fun with this swap....I'm just a little time poor at the mo & am worried I might not be able to give it my BEST....I'd HATE to offer wonky FQ's 'cause my mind was wondering....!!!!!

    It certainly would be a WONDERFUL way to get your hands on some BEAUTIFUL prints....**sigh**....I shall ponder some more while I'm out the back working....!!

    I hope you're enjoying a SPLENDID week....!!!!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. oh yay! Thanks for the shout out! I am SO excited to see what everyone sends in... and then to see what everyone creates with their stash!

    Kel xx

  3. Hi Tamarah, love your posts!!! Yes can't wait to get a pile of vintage sheet FQ's in the post. Gonna be mind blowing deciding on what to make all that loveliness into!!!

  4. No problems Kel, just wish I'd figured out how to do the techno stuff earlier!!! I could have passed the word on sooner!!! Posting my FQ's today!! yippie x


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