Thursday, August 4, 2011

American Pickers!!!

Did anyone out there see this show last night????  It was my first time!!!  In fact purely by accident as I'm usually hiding out in the studio sewing like a demon!!  American Pickers  9.30pm wednesdays on 7mate!!!

Can you believe (what am I saying???  of course you can!!!) the stuff these guys would find on their travels across the US "picking" for a bargain.

Some people really know the meaning of collecting, keeping and hoarding ha! 

I bet these 2 fellas find all sorts of interesting relics on their journey!!!  Lucky Buggers!!!

Hope you too have found a particularly good relic this week!!!


Dee x

1 comment:

  1. I saw it and now I'm totally hooked too! The signs! And how about that awesome lady with the cash register and the petrol pump in her church! And Buddy, who fooled them into buying that 'booby trap'... HA!!

    Hello - thanks for following!

    Sarah xxx


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