Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello pretty birdies.............

Most mornings king parrots and rainbow lorrikeets come down to our nectarine tree at our back door.   Mr ODB made a bird feeder to hang in the tree so we can feed our "low-maintenance pets"!!!

  Our 3 year old Miss Nikita gets such joy from this morning ritual and she is always eager to get a wee container of birdseed to feed them (the native birdseed kind, naturally).  
She stands at our ranch slider and says "Hello pretty birdies!

Personally favourites are the Blue wrens!!!  I get such a kick out of watching them twitter around the back yard!!!   But all in all I just love watching birds from my kitchen makes dish washing much more pleasant I say!!!

Anyway, I managed to come across these gorgeous vintage pictures of "birdies" over at the The Graphics Fairy where you can find all sorts of interesting vintage pictures to use for your crafting............... go ahead,  take a peep!


  1. Those vintage birdie illustrations are just gorgeous....I'm in love x

  2. Thanks for stopping by Lou Lou, they are gorgeous arent they!!!


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