Friday, August 19, 2011

a sneeky peeky...........

Here is a sneeky peeky of some of the items I have for sale in my "etsy" well as a few peeks of some "soon to be listed" frocks!!!  What do ya reckon?

Oh boy, have I been having some head is spinning with ideas, and frankly I just can't seem to keep up with them all.

Note to self:  Finish one project before ye start another!!!

(Does anybody out there actually adhere to that???)

I seem to have MANY garments hanging in my sewing studio needing to be hemmed and de-threaded!  Does that sound familiar???  Anyone out there got any hot "production-line" tips??? 

Anyway.................I have also been "playing" with my new camera..............and "picnik".  Oh gee, another time waster.............or is that "time-consuming waster"? 

enuf ranting and raving.............I best toodle off to bed.

Caio Bella's x


  1. Such pretty dresses..I know what you mean about never finishing a project. I started making my daughter a dress when she was 4 months old that i never got around to finishing she is now 18 months old !!

  2. Ha ha ha no tips...i have more than five projects on the go right now....dresses are beautiful though, so it must be working.

  3. Look at all of that prettiness ... so many gorgeous things all in one place!!

    I have a giveaway at the moment that might take your fancy if you you want to take a little look.

    Hope your day is wonderful!


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