Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last weeks op shop find.....

I had a very productive week last week but the best thing that happened was this gorgeous "find" at Vinnies down in Wang.  I was obviously meant to call in that day for a wee "scrounge" as here was this pile of beautiful colourful vintage floral sheets just waiting for me!!!  Whoa hoo!   I have just finished washing, airing and folding these lovelies..............they have been hanging on my clothes horse for a few days just so I could admire them a bit longer!!!

What to do with these is the 64,000 dollar question????  A patchwork quilt cover???  A gorgeous  dress????  Who knows, but while I decide I will enjoy drooling over their beauty in the meantime!!

Cherio happy crafters,



  1. I cant believe that you found them all in one go - I am SO very very envious!!
    I think a quilt for sure ... and there is probably enough goodness there for a dress or skirt too.
    What a fantastic find!

  2. Thanks Lizylou, I was like a woman possessed!!! Can you imagine??? No one but me was taking home those beauties, now I just need to finish my current project so I can get cracking on a new creation made from this goodness!!!

  3. I think I have one of each of those beautiful floral sheets, my sister and I LOVE them! We want to make some lamp shades out of them... what a find you lucky girl!

  4. yes, lamp shades would look gorgeous!!! The possibilities are endless.............

  5. Oh wow. That is the vintage sheet motherload of the century! You're all set for the swap then i guess. Me, not so much! xo


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