Sunday, July 10, 2011

Duffle coat for little Miss N (who is tucked up in bed fast asleep!!)

Hi lovely bloggers, I'm on a roll and totally inspired thanks to the "fantabulous" (that's my new word for "fantastically fabulous) Bec over at

Bec is one talented, creative and motivated lady!!!  I adore reading her blog and she is so god damn inspirational.  Thank you so much Miss Bec, because of you I have been getting very creative and after reading your post about the gorgeous woollen coats that Wendy Hill from  has been creating I too got cracking and whipped up a little duffle coat for my gorgeous Miss Nikita (3).  I must say I wasn't quite as fast as you though Bec!!!

Made from an old denim skirt and some left over vintage floral that I had previously used for Miss Nikita's patchwork rag quilt!!!  I just need to rush out and purchase some toggles and sew them on to finish it off.  That will be tomorrows No 1 job.  Perfect for the coldy coldy days we have been getting here in the Mountains!!!

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