Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dreams are coming to fruition ....

Hi all,

Just wanting to send out a big thank you to all my followers!!!  I have recently given my "blog" a wee "facelift" and added a few extra gadgets.  I am a very slow learner but I feel that it is starting to come together at last. 

I have so many design and pattern ideas floating around this wee brain of mine it is all a bit over whelming at times.  Trying to juggle 3 children, after school activities, housework and part time admin work is often very hectic but I know I'm not the only one out there and some of you "crafters" are so incredibly talented, motivated and organised I really shouldn't have anything to winge about.    You are my inspiration!!!

I have been rather productive of late...

trying all sorts of patterns and using up lots of my fabric stash

some I am happy with ....

others are trial and error (in no particular order)

some I will take to market ...

others will be listed on Etsy.

But beware ....  I am an amateur photographer

and I am NOT a model

but I have decided to put myself out there regardless.

I have been using my sewing machine almost every day, sometimes I only get the opportunity to sew one (1) seam but all these little seams add up eventually.

My plan is to set up a "proper" sewing room and begin a long time dream to sell some of my wares on Etsy.  I invite you all to follow my snail pace journey,  enjoy the ride and hopefully real soon you may get the opportunity to purchase one of my items!!!

Living the dream
Dee x

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