Saturday, July 16, 2011

Holly Hobbie

Remember this wee girl in her gorgeous patchwork frock!!!

I found a packet of these Holly Hobbie postcards in a nearby op shop last year sometime and had filed them away in a "safe" place!!!  Luckily today, I found them all over again!!  I'm thinking someone dear to me will be receiving a wee postcard sometime real soon!!!  There are a few to go around :)


  1. What a special find!! Love them. xo

  2. Holly Hobbie is one of my favourites.
    I had a Holly hobbie top made more my little girl and every time she wears it people always comment - I think Holly has such a special place in all of our hearts.
    What a lucky find!!

  3. I sometimes tumble across old manchester in our local op shops. I love Holly Hobby and still have a little vase somewhere which was given to me as a child and a collection of swap cards as well! Too cute!

  4. Old post I know, but what a fantastic find! Lucky you :)


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