Thursday, May 27, 2010

Made from old jeans and groovey 70's paisley curtain fabric. More of this fabric to come!!!
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  1. You do lovely work with your sewing! You're so right that the red and denim look fabulous together.
    Thanks so much for becoming a Follower of my selling blog. Really appreciate it! I also have a personal blog you can Follow as well, which may help to get you out there a bit more, seeing how new you are to blogger! Good luck! :))

  2. Thanks so much Pam, yes I am new to this Blogging thing...........I am a slow (but steady) learner so I will figure it out eventually. I have been very busy on the machine this week so need to post some more "show and tell" items. Really enjoy your blog. Yippie, you are my second "follower"!!! Ta very much x

  3. This is very very cute! xx


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